Thursday, November 23, 2017

What is the possible solution to identify unread messages in Yahoo mail?

Your Yahoo email account has been structured in a manner, where it becomes easy to
view and read the messages with optimum ease. However, on few occasions, it becomes
a bit difficult to differentiate between the messages that are read and unread. Well, in case
you are not in a position to identify the unread messages, it means there is a problem and
you must look for a way to fix it.

However, even before trying to fix the real issue, you can check out the smart folders in
Yahoo mail basic, so as to look for any unread messages. If you do find some, it is
possible to put them together on one single screen. On the other hand, when you are not
in a position to view the messages, the ideal solution would be to contact Yahoo support

A step by step guide to finding unread messages in Yahoo mail

  • To be able to view the unread messages in Yahoo mail, you must do the following:
  •  In the beginning, you must check whether the Smart Views option is turned on or not. If not, click Smart Views.
  • Now under the Smart Views folder, you must click Unread Messages.
  • Follow the instructions, as mentioned and you are done.

This way, you have a chance to find the unread messages in Yahoo mail that get stored in
the various folders.

What about the Yahoo mail related bugs and glitches?

Although Yahoo is a nice platform with multiple features, the usual bugs and the glitches
that come up can be irritating. Somehow, you must find a solution to these annoying
issues. As such, you might have serious questions regarding how to contact Yahoo by
phone? There are several aspects to the problem and you must take into account
everything the matters.
  •  If you are looking for an official phone number to Yahoo, then frankly it is almost an impossible idea.
  • But without trying to fix the problem, you will never stand a chance to use the services. So, what is the best possible option?

Other than approaching the third party tech support sites, you don’t seem to have much of
an alternative. Given the situation you are in, it makes a lot of sense to use the services of
the certified professionals The contact Yahoo support number, a fully operational and
dedicated line, can be accessed, at any time. In doing so, you have a chance to fix the
issues in quick time

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The Yahoo support number has been devised as a means to provide you immediate
assistance, whenever the occasion demands. At least, you are in a position to take some
respite, no matter where you are. Besides, the online techies do strive to enhance the user
experience and this really changes the entire dynamics.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Is there any process to contact Yahoo support?

Most of the Yahoo email users have no idea how to contact Yahoo customer service experts. Due to this, they are not able to get immediate help desk services when it is the needed at the earliest. There are limited sources disclosed by Yahoo Inc to get online assistance. Some of those are mentioned below:

1. Yahoo Help Center: Users can visit and look for the answers in a particular category in which Faqs are listed. The faqs are bifurcated in different sections and are to be clicked by users to implement the steps implemented therein.

2. Yahoo Help Community/Forums: Login into Yahoo help community forum and fill up the form by selecting a particular category for getting help from experts available there. But it is advised not to share any personal info

3. Social Media podiums like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram can be quite effective in offering online assistance. You just post your queries or problems therein and experts will work it out for you.

Still, in case, you are looking for phone support then it is advised to contact Yahoo phone number launched by self-governing organizations that offer third-party tech support services for the convenience of users in order to help them avail instant help in a matter of seconds.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Is Yahoo password recovery sufficient to Fix Login Issues

As various people access Yahoo mail from the different locations, they keep changing the email password to keep it secure from the malicious hacking attempts made by cyber criminals which has increased to huge extent making Yahoo account security questionable.

In order to perform regain access to email account, the only option available online is to recover Yahoo password that can help users to resolve login problems in a most feasible manner.

With security breach happening on couple of occasions in 2016, users have become quite cautious about the account security due to which they keep changing Yahoo password on a frequent basis. In doing that, they generally forget account password which create troubles for them as login failure issues keep coming up when they keep making attempts to access email account with the password that was already changed from their end.

But the question arise “Is Yahoo password recovery sufficient to fix Login problems”

The question is quite valid to some extent and need to be answered how long a user has to keep recovering forgotten Yahoo password applying certain strategies. Isn’t there any option available applying which a user can easily access Yahoo account easily without using login password.

Yahoo account key generated through an App installed on Android or iOS can be one of the options nullify the use of password. But question arises that if users are unable to fix Yahoo login problems by resetting email password, how can they use smartphone device and generate account key through the Y! Mail app installed on the mobile.

Though, some of them have knowledge about reset Yahoo password, they do not have idea how to do the same and fix login issues at the earliest. For the user’s convenience , strategies and steps to perform Yahoo password recovery are mentioned below:

Recover Yahoo Password with Phone Number or email address
  • Open and enter the login ID
  • Press the next button and enter the email password
  • If you do not remember the password, click on the link “I forgot my password”
  • Doing this page gets redirected to a new slide where it is asked to fill the last two digits of recovery phone number
  • As you provide the same, click on submit button
  • On the next page, you will find the message “ Do you have access to this phone”
  • If yes, Press the button “ Yes, Text me an account key”
  • Once you receive account on the phone, enter the code and wait to get it validated
  • As the code gets validated successfully, a page gets displayed on the screen in which you need to enter password twice
  • Enter the new password twice and press the save button to make changes effective
In case, your recovery phone number is no more active, then:
  • Press the button, “ I don't have access to this phone”.
  • As you do the same, recovery email address is displayed on the screen.
  • Press the button “ Yes, send me an account key” if you have access to the email address.
  • Check the inbox and derive the code sent by Yahoo Inc.
  • Enter the code in the box and click on verify button.
  • As the code gets validated successfully, a page gets displayed on the screen in which you need to enter password twice.
  • Enter the new password twice and press the save button to make changes effective.

As many users are completely non-technical they do not have knowledge how to recoverYahoo password in minutes and regain back the access to email account without much hassle. Troubles actually come across when they implement the steps of Yahoo mail password reset. Some of those are as follows:
  • Server downtime issues.
  • Recovery email address not active.
  • Phone number not receiving account key.
  • Slow internet connection.
  • Yahoo app installed on phone device not responding.
In case you face troubles while resetting or recovering Yahoo password, just contact Yahoo customer service experts through forum or community or through business page on sicla media sites like Facebook and Twitter to find best solutions for the problems that keep cropping up all of the sudden as well as get best solution to solve yahoo sign-in problems without much hassle.