Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Enable or Disable Your Yahoo Mail Using Some Simple Techniques

With Yahoo email services, there are plenty of advantages. It is not just any email provider. On the contrary, you can make use of the platform to access a wide range of services, both on personal and professional front.
However, times have changed and most of the users now prefer other email platforms. This is purely because of security concerns. Since the incident of hacked Yahoo emails, which affected millions of users, it was considered safe to switch to other platforms. As a result, most of the user stopped using the Yahoo email account or may have disabled the account.
 What if one of the users tries to enable the Yahoo email account? There is no official number to call Yahoo support, that can be used to reactive the account. Instead, the user must follow some basic guidelines, so as to retrieve the account.
Steps to Enable Yahoo Mail Account
There is no such need to call Yahoo support number, just for the reason to enable the Yahoo email account. What you really need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below:-
·         On your PC browser, visit Yahoo.com.
·         Type your Yahoo email ID along with the password.
·         Once you have filled in the details, click Sign-in.
·         You will have to type in the CAPTCHA code in the next step.
·         Now click Reactivate.
After completing the procedure, you will have to wait for a period, not more than 24 hours. When your account is reactivated, it will be notified to you.
In extreme cases, the user may look for a final solution, which involves deleting the Yahoo account. To do the same, one must implement the steps, which are being highlighted below.
Steps to Disable Yahoo Account
Right before closing down the disused Yahoo account, you must ensure to delete the account key if you are using any.
To shut down the account: -
·         Sign-in to your Yahoo account and go to the Yahoo Account Termination Page.
·         Go through the details related to the termination of your account.
·         Click continues and ensures to confirm your identity.
·         Now click yes to terminate the account.
You can terminate the Yahoo account, without having the need to call Yahoo email support number. Suffice to say; once you have closed the account, it helps you to stay focused and much more organized.
What to do in dire circumstances?
 Things may not plan out the way you assume. There are always some ifs and buts. Well, in dire situations, it is the experts who can help you to get back on track.  As such, you can contact Yahoo customer service number, in order to get a better knowledge of the problems and the steps you can take to fix the same.
It is quite impossible to contact Yahoo on an individual basis. Somewhere down the line, you will have to seek the services of third-party sites, who are more experienced to handle any issue related to your Yahoo email account.  


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