Thursday, September 7, 2017

Is Changing Yahoo password enough to maintain Email Account Privacy?

Yahoo mail, being prominent across the globe has been under severe scrutiny since the security breach that happened twice in 2016. Users have become more cautious about email account security and due to this, they change Yahoo password to maintain the email account privacy. They actually think that the changing Yahoo password is quite sufficient in securing the email account. But that’s actually not enough.
There are certain other techniques apart from Yahoo password change to secure the Y! email account from getting compromised by hackers. Yahoo account key and two-step verification can be another effective step that can work as a substitute to email change password.

Yahoo two-step verification is quite easy to enable as you can keep your account secure.  The access to the email account is directly related to the text message received on phone entering which a user can access their inbox dashboard. it is quite safe and secure method as compared to change password techniques that can easily be breached by scammers in quick time as they are also technically proficient in breaching the password in a feasible way.
Securing the Yahoo account with 2-step verification is quite a secure process to prevent email account from getting hacked. The scammers cannot Yahoo email account unless they have the code which is received by the real user on his mobile phone. The email account holders are advised not to disclose these codes to anyone as they get stored as backup codes and can be used to access Yahoo email inbox using these codes.

As many people are not aware how to change Yahoo password, it’s become quite inevitable to learn the steps for enabling two-step verification. Here is the process to enable Yahoo 2-step verification in minutes.
· Type and enter the login credentials.
·  Once logged in successfully, Hover your mouse over the icon or over the name doing which account info option appears
·  Click on the same and wait for the new page to get displayed
·  Doing this, it is will ask for the login id and password for authentication
·  Once done successfully, the page gets redirected to the personal info page
·  There you will see the different option in the left tab on the screen.
·  Click on the button,  account security
·  Once done the slide gets changed with various options linked with account security gets displayed on the screen
·   Look for the 2-step verification process and click on the button corresponding to the option to enable the security
·  Once you move ahead enabling the option, the rectangular pop up will prompt up.
·  Provide the phone number in the required space and get it verified by pressing the button “Send SMS”
·  Once the text message appears, provide the code in the box and press verify button to make changes effective.

  The above-mentioned process can be really effective in offering security level to your email account that cannot be breached easily unless and until you tell someone about it. In case the steps mentioned above are delivering huge problems in getting implemented, then it is better to contact Yahoo customer support to enhance the security level of time before it gets too late

Solution To Fix Yahoo Home Page Issues

Yahoo seems to be down in some cases that are due to temporary technical issues in the Yahoo. This happened when the Yahoo home page seems to be unavailable. In this case, the Yahoo user faces difficulty to access their account in the Yahoo. This is not a big issue to resolve the Yahoo problem but if it is ignored then it becomes the big issue for the user. As the user unable to log in their Yahoo account. To resolve such problem Yahoo user can go through the Yahoo Help Desk Number and gets fixed their problem in a quick sort of time.